Football Farewells

By Mackenzie Wallace

After 23 years, the Madison athletic department said goodbye to a legend. Head football coach and athletic coordinator Jim Streety announced his official resignation from Madison athletics and his acceptance of a new position with New Braunfels ISD as the Head Athletic Director.

“It was just the fact that I have an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, that’s it,” Streety said. “I was not looking to leave Madison, this just came up and I could not pass it up.”

As the longest tenured football coach in NEISD and ranked as the fourth head football coach in the state of Texas, Streety has made quite a name for himself within the football community. Beyond these notable statistics however, he took part in making countless changes and positively influencing the lives of innumerable young athletes, on and off the field. Streety has spent his days working with people that share a love of the game.

“I’ve taken away 23 years of happiness, how could it get any better than that?” Streety said.

A bittersweet farewell pep rally celebrated Streety and his accomplishments on the morning of February 14. The games and festivities of the morning were alternated with heartfelt stories by various speakers as current faculty and staff, members of the football team, and players from years past came together and opened up to recount on a special memory or offer thanks and praise to Streety. Together, audience members and speakers alike laughed, cried, and cheered as fond memories of coaching legend Jim Streety were shared.

“His commitment to kids, coaches, and his family is second to none,” Madison coach, William “Mac” McCluskey said.

As for the football team, Streety expressed confidence that they will continue to be successful following his departure.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, our team is doing fine,” Streety said. “They know what it takes to be successful.”

Head football coach and athletic coordinator, Mark Smith will lead the team into next year’s season. With 29 years of coaching experience behind him, Smith recently accepted the new position after spending the last two years coaching for Judson. His beliefs focus on bettering the process it takes to prepare players for the game so that winning takes care of itself.

“I want them to improve each and every day, at every game, and along the way win some football games. Take care of what you can control first: how you practice and act in the classroom,” Smith said.

However, before the team can win on the field, Smith ensures that his players have their priorities aligned to balance their lives outside of football.

“My philosophy is based on three things: faith, family, and football; build good character and make good students,” Smith said. “It’s important that the players win at the game of life first.”

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