The Golden Tournament

By Travis Saucedo

With every loss and every win the varsity volleyball girls’ determination to do their best this season grows. Their skills emerged in their past three day tournament beginning last Thursday at Smithson Valley. Winning four out of eight games, the girls made it into the Golden Bracket.

“We did very well,” Coach Shannon Wolfe said. “We beat some teams we haven’t before. We were in the top eight out of 32 and made it into the Golden Bracket for the first time.”

The players worked hard for their position and never gave up, even after a loss in the tournament. Though they did well, the team still wants to improve on a few weaknesses, but with every weakness, new strengths surface.

“Some of the players have bad attitudes and the team is quiet on the court,” said junior Sydney Morriss. “But we were energetic and excited and played well. We all came together as a team.”

Although the players have a bit to work on, schools complimented the coaches on how well they did in the tournament. Many were surprised and excited about the placing’s in the end. Wolfe said receiving encouragement from Churchill was a huge compliment for the team.

“We came together more as a family,” sophomore Sabrina Respondek said.

The coaches and players still have a long road ahead to achieve their goal of going to state, but the past tournament showed how hard they’re truly working to make it there.

“When you put us all together, we do amazing things,” Wolfe said.

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