Carpe Ludum, Seize the Game!

By Noemi Rodriguez

A small crowd of parents cheered for their corresponding team in a large empty gymnasium. Despite the lack of the usual Friday night spectator’s hype, the varsity volleyball team played to the whistle and managed to push through, victoriously beating Poth in four games.

“Sydney Morriss had 14 kills and 18 assists so she lead the team,” Coach Shannon Wolfe said.

The girls prepare for their first district game of the season against Macarthur.

“I think we could improve on our attitudes, passing, and our focus to win,” senior and outside hitter Ciana Dorsey said.

In spite of a hard loss during the second game, the team triumphantly found their way back toward the win in the third and fourth game.

“In the second game, I was thinking I can’t believe we’re losing to Poth,” senior and middle back Maddie Slaughter said. “But at the end, positively, I was thinking wow I think we’re doing pretty good.”

It will take many hours of practice, sweat and a great deal of dedication to satisfy Wolfe’s goal of district champs and getting several rounds into playoffs. However, with a little hope and a lot of effort, there’s nothing that can stop them.

“Overall it’s a team effort.” Wolfe said. “It’s always a team effort when we win.”


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