A Moment in the Spotlight

By Mackenzie Wallace

Solo singers and dance duos accounted for only a few acts out of the varied assortment of students featured in the PAC last Thursday, along with bands, rappers, and comedians. Thanks to this mixed group of performers, the 2014 talent show went out with a bang.

The talent show acted as an outlet for students to showcase their unique talents and abilities that wouldn’t normally receive a chance to shine for the public. Unlike the group uniformity of large organized concerts or sporting events held throughout the year, the show allowed a variety of smaller groups and individuals to experience a moment in the spotlight.

“The main goal is to showcase students and their various talents,” assistant choir director Peter Cunningham said.

Vocalists perched on stools and instrumental performances that reverberated against the walls kept audience members thoroughly engaged throughout the show. However, it was each performer’s genuine passion reflected during their act that earned the applause.

“I’ve been singing ever since I was a kid,” junior Melissa Gentile said. “My family revolves around music, so why not share it with the world?”

Woven into the lineup, performances displaying the mesmerizing footwork of dancers and the words of a comic created variety within the show. Junior Jada Cook’s stand-up comedy performance left the crowd laughing in their seats.

“I told really bad jokes, that were so bad they were funny,” Cook said. “I just thought it would be fun, a fun thing to do.”

Despite the confident presence that many performers walked onstage with, several admitted to feelings of pre-show jitters. However, once the show came to a close, an excited buzz settled over the auditorium from all that participated.

“Before, I felt like I was gonna puke, I was so nervous,” Cook said. “During it was a lot of fun though, and after, I was just glad it was over.”

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