More Than Rap: Education

By Danielle Cramberg

Young people desperately seeking someone who understands them often turn to music to feel accepted. School causes genuine distress for many students enrolled, a concept Propaganda addresses in his song Bored of Education.

“All I’ve learned from your system is that it’s just the system that you set up.”

The focus of education shifted from learning to memorizing, doing so in such a subtle way that no one noticed until it was too late – many still haven’t seen it. Students fall through the cracks of the system, failing such an easy hole to fall into with the current methodology.

“You’re just testing my ability to regurgitate.”

Students encounter lessons on how to cram before tests and clear the slate for the next lesson. Rarely absorbing what they’re taught, they instead focus on telling the teacher what they were told to say. ¬†Forced to focus on how to pass the state standardized tests in their lessons, teachers struggle between encouraging individualism and success in the current system.

“Did anyone ever suggest, that maybe, we should test the test?”

Schools shouldn’t serve as causes of mental breakdowns amidst teenagers who care more about their GPA and class rank than they care about their education and betterment of the system. Rap addresses this fatal flaw and helps young, distraught listeners feel a little more at ease– for they are not alone in their struggles.

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