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By Jissele Wright

Harvard recently discovered that 60% of teens pay little attention to daily news. People, especially young people, often find news depressing or boring. As a student, teachers recommend watching more world news, whether in debate, speech, or history. Current event assignments aside,  a person’s understanding of the world increases when they’re informed of the events happening around them. It’s not often that teens reflect on the world surrounding them. What happens in Africa or the Ukraine most likely doesn’t affect students directly, but that does not make it any less important. These events affect someone and that should be recognized. The good or the bad, it’s all part of our world and this world exists for us to learn from.

1. Ebola Cases Reported Up Sharply in Liberia

The World Health Organization warned Monday that the number of patients suffering from Ebola continues to increase greatly. The west African countries Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea face the worst outbreak ever recorded in the history of this virus. Discovered in 1976, the virus recently claimed the lives of over 1,000 citizens in Liberia alone. Experts from the the World Health Organization estimate that two potential vaccines might become available as soon as November.

2. Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Announced: The Wrist in Apple’s Future

Tuesday, Apple announced three new products; a smartwatch and two iPhones with larger screens. The company, who makes the most profit off phones, promises updated  systems.

3. Scottish Independence Campaign Gaining Ground, Polls Suggest

A recent poll suggests that the citizens of Scotland favor independence from the United Kingdom. With the referendum, a general vote on the political question of whether or not to separate, meaning a huge change. The Scottish government sees independence in the near future and if the voters choose yes this could mean the end of  a 300 year old union with the UK.

4. 3D Printed Vertebra A Huge Step Forward For Medicine

For the first time in history, doctor Liu Zhongjun replaced the vertebra of a boy with the use of a 3D printer. Doctors discovered a tumor in 12 year old Minghao’s second vertebra after he came in with a soccer injury. The tumor needed removal and Dr. Zhongjun replaced the vertebra, which protects the spine and supports the body, with a printed bone that specially fits his spine. 

5. Ukraine Crisis: New EU Sanctions Hit Russia on Friday

With Russia and the Ukraine currently under ceasefire the European Union (EU) plans to block loans for five of Russia’s state banks and to withhold EU business as well as oil and defense firms. All of these actions reflect the hope to pressure Russia into decreasing it’s role in the Ukraine Crisis.

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