Healthy Hygiene: Back to the Basics


By Noemi Rodriguez

Though frequently overlooked, simply washing hands serves as the best protection against illness.

“A lot of the books and the common things that you utilize in school whether it be notebooks or desks or things like that, that’s all transfer material for germs,” registered nurse Nichole Cramberg said.

Although hand sanitizing might seem like an easy alternative to walking all the way to a sink, one should not be fooled by the pleasant fragrance left on a pair of hands.

“Common misconception is that hand sanitizing is washing your hands,” Cramberg said. “Most hand sanitizers are alcohol based. Therefore, they dry the skin which cause little cracks and crevices which make your skin more susceptible.”

Despite the importance of grades and GPAs, sick students should stay home in order to prevent an illness from spreading.

Overall, to prevent sickness many measures can be taken. However, the simple act of practicing good two minute hand washing could lead to a decreased number of absences in school and a healthier immune system.

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