Homecoming Pep Rally Kicks Off the Weekend

By Mackenzie Wallace

Preceded by a week of themed dress up days, the homecoming pep rally hosted by Student Council last Thursday evening set the tone for the homecoming football game and dance that took place the following weekend. The rally featured competitive games between representatives of each grade, high-energy dance and cheer routines to amp up the crowd, and the highly anticipated crowning of the homecoming king and queen. With contributions from various campus organizations, the rally went off without a hitch.

“Madison Avenue sings the anthem, ROTC is there to present the colors, the band plays throughout, dance performs, cheer performs, and the mascots hold a skit,” student council sponsor Julie Masters said. “Student council really runs the whole thing.”

Despite the annual change of homecoming theme, many pep rally traditions remain constant year by year. Fan favorites that continue to show up each year include a tug of war battle and an obstacle course race, in which contestants face challenges designed around that year’s particular theme.

“When we had the Wizard of Oz, people would have to carry around a little stuffed dog, like Toto, through the course,” Masters said. “To be like Alice in Wonderland, they’ll have to play golf with little flamingos, get a key out of a pie without using their hands, that kind of thing.”

Throughout the rally, band and spirit group performances aided in creating a high-energy atmosphere to excite the student body for the upcoming events. In the case of many students, attending the pep rallies holds a major role in spreading school spirit and support.

“I think it motivates a lot of students, especially football players,” senior Dollie Tracey Treuter said.

Closing out the rally, seniors Marcus McNeil and Jessica Greene beamed upon receiving the honorable titles of 2014 Homecoming King and Queen. For many students, recognition as royalty would be a dream come true and for McNeil, this was no exception.

“It’s honestly been my dream since I was a freshman,” McNeil said. “I’d always get the application but never turn it in, so this year I did. It’s just always been my dream.”

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