Veins of Orange and Blue

By Travis Saucedo

With the start of a chant, the student section was born. Many believed it couldn’t be made, but the game against Smithson Valley proved critics wrong.

“At the beginning of the game [the student section] started off with eight, but it grew as people came in,” student section advisor Ruthie Acosta said.

It wasn’t easy to put it all together but senior Richard “Richie” Navarro, the creator of the new student section, managed to get over 100 students involved within the time span of a week. Although he’s received large amounts of support, most participants are seniors and many worry the student section will fade as the 2015 seniors graduate. However, there are those who still have hope for the budding new edition to the Friday Night Lights.

“I think the Student Section will stay,” Acosta said. “Richard did say he wanted to pass the torch on.”

Navarro put a lot of hard work into spreading word of the student section, his main source of advertisement through the creation of a Twitter account specifically for the section. The Twitter account, @MavFam, was created only a few short weeks ago yet received follows from much of the student body and the like. Along with creating the Twitter page, Acosta and Navarro work together to design a shirt for the Student Section. Navarro also plans to bring the student section to as many sporting events they can cheer at.

“We plan on going to volleyball games, wrestling meets and any other sport events,” senior Hannah Whelan said.

Their hardest game to cheer at will be the M&M bowl this Saturday at Comalander Stadium.

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