Help is Just a Click Away

By Mackenzie Wallace

In the whirlwind of school work and activities, with future college and career plans looming ahead, many students remain unsure of where to start. However, an abundance of resources lies a few clicks away on the campus’ newly updated guidance resource webpage.

“Some of the focus on the webpage includes financial aid, scholarships, career information, and testing,” counselor Karla Ridings said. “Then there’s class specific info for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, including checklists and transition books for these grade levels.”

The page additionally features SAT and ACT sign-up deadlines, event calendars regarding activities in the counseling office and Go Center, the updated course catalog, and much more. The upgraded format makes it easier for parents and students to find beneficial resources and stay up to date on the latest events.

“The calendar has deadlines, when college campuses are doing visits, information on essay writing, and when there’s AP testing,” Ridings said. “We feel it has a lot of tools to support parents and students for post high school plans.”

By creating a central organized location for resources, students can access important information with ease, reducing the time and confusion that comes with blindly searching for specific information.

“Imagine the kids that don’t have that resource, they’ll have to search for it,” junior Samantha Sellers said. “We kind of have it right at our fingertips.”

For many students, scholarship searching appears as an important, yet dreadfully daunting task that ends in frustration. However, the new webpage provides links to a variety of updated scholarships for all types of students, simplifying the often overwhelming process.

“It’s really hard to find scholarships, so it makes it a bit simpler,” junior Samantha Welch said.

To access the page, visit and see the variety of resources that it offers.

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