Jerzee Boy Jams

By Mackenzie Wallace

Donned in an assortment of favorite sports jerseys, choir groups from middle school to adulthood took the stage in the annual Jerzee Boyz concert. Featuring exclusively male performances, the show provided a different insight to stereotypes associated with men in choir.

“The main goal is for the middle school guys to experience singing with the high school guys and to see that it doesn’t have to be a feminine thing to be in choir, that it can be manly,” assistant choir director Peter Cunningham said.

Choir groups Kantorei, Varsity Men, and the boys of Madison Avenue shared the stage with students from Harris, Wood, and Driscoll middle schools, as well as adult male choral groups IlluMen and The Marcsmen last monday. Performances from this diverse mix ranged from soothing older tunes to upbeat jams with a bit of modern flare, bringing in a large assortment of people to listen in.

“It was the biggest audience I’ve seen here for a concert,” Cunningham said. “Not only do the guys get excited for this, the community and parents get excited about seeing a big group of guys singing as well.”

Many participants in the show took home memorable moments from the unique experience. The opportunity not only shed new light upon male choirs to the incoming high schoolers, but also reaffirmed many current choir student’s passion for the hobby.

“I think it’s really cool how we get to perform with other male singers,” junior Noah Briley said. “I think what makes it different is that this show puts male singers into the spotlight.”

After hours of practice in and out of school, the performers listened to their hard work pay off. The show received praises across the board from audience members and participants alike.

“We worked on it over and over in class and then worked on it at home,” sophomore Johnny Tolentino said. “I think overall it was a good show.”

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