Region Choir

By Natalie Bair

Last Saturday, the ladies of the Melodie and Nouvelle choir participated in a rigorous region experience.

“I am looking forward to performing my music at the best of my ability,” sophomore Maya Weave said. “I’ve been preparing for the audition by practicing at home and listening to what my instructor has been telling me.”

Students participating in region arrived on campus by 6:15 a.m. and their day started with signing in, waiting in line, anything but singing or practicing the music in the waiting rooms, and performing. The goal is to make region choir where they’ll host a special, exclusive concert.

“As an individual it certainly shows hard work and effort into their own music, but it might also show that they were able to take voice lessons, or that they were gifted with a voice,” choir director Peter Cunningham said. “More than anything though, it really shows that they put in the effort outside of school to learn the music and to perfect it. My expectations are that my students don’t suck.”

The choir members mastered two foreign language songs and a challenging gospel piece to perform in front of their judges.

“We’ve actually been working so hard my voice has become hoarse, and I think that says something about how hard we’ve been working,” sophomore Emily Smith said.

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