Thoughts of AM, Performance in the PM

By Noemi Rodriguez

In the midst of smoke and blinding lights, eyes stayed tied to the Arctic Monkeys’ incredible performance on October 28. Frontman Alex Turner’s infinite amount of energy lasted the entire show. Jamie Cook and Nick O’Malley picked the chords to the crowds heart leaving fans blown away; and Matt Helders’ powerful drumming echoed throughout the walls of Cedar Park Center.

The show opened with a lovely performance by Mini Mansions, where Alex Turner unexpectedly joined the trio on stage to provide his captivating vocals.

After a short intermission, the well known AM album cover sign flashed on stage as the unmistakable pounding of “Do I Wanna Know?” began, and the crowd lost it. Every chord struck and every drum beat caused an uproar among the crowd, increasing the bands liveliness.

“The guys feed off of the energy of the crowd,” writer and co-editor of Naomi Meija said. “So if the crowd loves it and is into it, Alex feeds off of that; and the crowd was definitely feeling it.”

Despite the various answers that come about with asking one’s favorite Arctic Monkeys song, many agreed that the most memorable moment was the incredible performance of “505”. The band, as always, decided to slow this one down a bit.

The Arctic Monkeys must have known that fans waited long hours for the show. As a matter of fact, the first fan arrived at four in the morning in order to preserve her spot at the barricade.

“The most difficult part is waiting,” Meija said. “Its so frustrating but that’s when you befriend people in line. That’s one of my favorite things.”

They treated Meija and every other fan with “Evil Twin”, a b-side track which disappeared from the setlist for a while only to return with even more vivacity.

Beloved little Turner, not only known for his killer looks and great hair, but his hip swivels and terrible dance moves. Theres no better way to describe a love-hate relationship than that of AM fans and the infamous Arabella dip. In which Turner “takes a dip” as if he were diving into a pool.

“Alex Turner embarasses me,” concert attendee Kennedy Grey said.

Despite foolish stage dancing, the crowd adored the four boys. And before their stellar performance of “R U Mine?”, their final song, Turner hinted towards a return to the Austin area.

Though no one knows when they will return they left fans with a drumstick, two guitar picks, a camera roll filled with videos and pictures, and a thankfulness for their “kind effort to bless us with their effortlessness.”

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