Walk the Moon

By Noemi Rodriguez

Walk the Moon introduced themselves to the world using their self titled album which released the summer of 2012. They immediately gained attention from songs like “Anna Sun” and “Tightrope”.

“Talking is Hard” released on December 2nd, but released one week early on Spotify, introduced a side of Walk the Moon that not many knew. Songs like “Up 2 U” and “We Are the Kids” featured old elements and harder guitar sounds which first appeared in “The Other Side: B-Sides and Rarities”. “Sidekick” featured an incredible bass and reminded many fans, and even frontman Nicholas Petricca himself of the old, self titled album.

According to the Spotify commentary over the new album, “Sidekick is a song that reminds us a lot of past Walk the Moon,” Petricca said. “Something that is still as new and different but has a lot of elements that ties us to where we came from.”   

 The band also showed their sweet lyrical side in their closing song “Aquaman” using lines like, “All I know is I wanna be here with you from now on.” The song also proved to be a favorite among fans due to its catchy tune and use of keys  synthesizers.

December 2nd proved a busy day for the four guys. Not only did they release a new album, but also held a live listen and shortly after performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Their Twitter fans were encouraged to listen along to the album which also allowed for a Q&A session. Timelines quickly filled with tweets using the hashtag “#WTMlivelisten” in hopes of a response from the band. Most of the band even agreed that their personal favorite songs off the new album included “Aquaman”, which they also agreed was one of their most anticipated songs to release along with “Up 2 U”.

Though many fans hoped for more songs that the band played during their last tour such as “Boyfriend”, hope still lives on for an EP to conclude the release of the new material. Walk the Moon also released follow up Talking is Hard tour dates including three Texas shows in May of 2015.


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