Pin Win

By Courtney Johnson

People usually think of bowling as a way to hang out with friends and pass time. For some students it’s a part of their school life; they practice after school, even on Sundays, and play matches and tournaments during the week (usually Mondays). The tireless work of the bowling club paid off; the Lady Mavs team remains undefeated and the boys team receives their third consecutive win.Both teams’ fought hard matches, but each persevered to win.

“Intense, but relieving to win,” sophomore Savannah Bennett said. “[I’m] proud and excited to know we are undefeated.”

The match against the Randolph Ro-Hawks consisted of both singles matches and Baker Format games. The boys team led singles by 85 pins and girls by a mere 17 pins. This put both teams ahead when entering into the Baker Format part of the game.

“Last match was a new team,” senior Matt Baker said. “We didn’t know how good or bad they would be.”

In the Baker Format, in which five members bowl alternating frames, the boys won each of the four games by six, 13, 16, and 30 pins respectively. The girls team won the first two games by two and 26 pins, but lost the third games by 37 pins, giving the girls a one pin lead going into the last match. The girls made a comeback in the last game, winning by 17 pins.

“We struggled at the beginning but brought home a win,” Baker said.

The team faces the Judson Rockets on January 26 at the Turner Club in Kirby at 4:45. The team will hold a dinner February 3 at Tycoon Flats, located at 2926 North Saint Mary’s Street, from seven to nine pm. Ten percent of the proceeds go to the bowling team.


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