Proud Mavericks

These students are the first to earn the Mav Pride award which was started by Ms. High (on the left)

By Torrie Demby

It always nice to be appreciated and that is what the Mav Pride awards are all about – recognizing students and others who don’t do things for praise, but should receive some recognition anyway.

Ms. Stacey High initiated the Mav Pride award. This acknowledges people who are nominated by teachers for improved grades, behavior, school spirit and being helpful to others.

Ms. High started this because she feels people often are rewarded for sports and academic event, however some really special go unnoticed.  It’s meant to motivate people to keep doing good and let them know they are appreciated.

Kyan Mitchell was excited about his recognition, “It’s cool people recognize the positivity I try to spread”, said Kyan, who also says he was surprised to receive a letter asking him to come to the ceremony.

Amaris Trujillo agreed, “I’m happy and grateful for the food and this reminds me of when receiving awards in elementary school.”

Whataburger sponsored the lunch which featured burgers, drinks, and a cake created by our culinary arts program.

Mr. Zimmerman handed out the Mav Pride awards to two dozen deserving students.

More students will be honored next semester for the Mav Pride award.

Because Ms High saw the benefits and need to rewarding people for grades, improvement, positivity, she was able to help a lot of people feel very special and she is too.

The first Mav Pride recipients are Alexa Daniela Padilla, Amanda ” Ryan” Moore, Amaris Trujillo, Araceli Cisneros, Assad Butt, Brendan Rihn, Dylan Trevino, Ethan Walley, Giovanni Perez, Graidyn Bowe, Hector Grant, Izzy Cales, Katie Henson, Kyan Manuel, Lauren Boomer, Leah Smith, Logan Wright, Mohamed Ataelfadeel, Olivia Saunders, Sylvio Reyes, Terralyn Hill,Victoria Zenteno,Walker Montgomery Hayman, and Xzavier King.


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