Homecoming Happiness

2019 Homecoming Queen Jordan Allen and King Michael Gerkin are all smiles after the big announcement.

By Trinity Brian


Homecoming Week 2019 was one to remember but the highlight was during halftime when the names of Jordan Allen and Michael Gerkin were announced as Queen and King.

The event followed a spirited week with many activities including a dance and dress-up days.

This year’s selections made everyone happy for the winners.

Michael Gerkin is known for his singing talents and his soccer ability.

Jordan Allen warms hearts with her happy attitude and fighting spirit.

“It was my dream!”, she exclaimed happily when asked about it. Jordan was born with a tumor her brain stem- the doctors said she would only live for four months. Eighteen years later, and she still going strong. She has great advice for all of us when she says “follow your dreams”.

The Homecoming Court this year featured:

Freshman Class
Lady Aurora Stephens
Lady Zoe O’Brien
Lady Syneka Pena

Sophomore Class
Countess Gabriella Gomez & Count Richard Ticheli
Countess Heavenlee Guerra & Count Kelton Gaines
Countess Lilia Chaparro & Count Edgardo Castillo

Junior Class
Duchess Gabriella Barajas & Duke Martin De Leon
Duchess G’Nae Morrison & Duke Jacob Peterman
Duchess Giselle Gonzalez & Duke Andrew Le

Senior Class
Princess Stephany Crook & Prince Eduardo Jimenez
Princess Camyl Delaney & Prince Ambrose Gignac
Princess Libby Earnest
Princess Araceli Cisneros

King Michael Gerkin
Queen Jordan Allen







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