More Proud Mavericks

Fifty-two students were recognized at a special lunch on Wednesday, as they were celebrated in his year’s second installment of the Mav Pride Awards.

These students enjoyed Whataburger offerings as Mr. Zimmerman handed them special certificates for their honor. Mav Pride students are nominated by teachers for. The criteria considered are improved grades, improved behavior, being someone’s hero, school spirit, and positivity.

Mr. Zimmerman congratulates Mav Pride students. 

Students recently honored are:

Analis (Catherine) Menendez
Angel Martinez
Angelina Rodriguez
Angelise Gardellini
Anthony Hancock
Ashley Grona
Brandon Delgado
Brianna Ramos
Bryce Terhun
Candice McClanahan
Christopher Marroquin
Daehan Noh
Dean Anthony Flores
Donovan Petersen-Gallagher
Elizabeth Vasquez
Emily Ramos
Emma Barna
Emma Copeland
Evan Phelps
Ezra Angelique Ortiz
Galdino Molina
Gia Cervera
Hunter Smith
Isabella Manfredo
Ivoree Rivera
Javier Ibarra Jr.
Jessica Riley
Jhanamarl Paguila
Jiliana Carrillo
John Carlos Sanchez
Jordan Allen
Jouline Lucio
Julianna Mendoza
Justin Garcia
Katherine Alecio Monzon
Kennedy Abbe
Kennedy Abbe
Kennedy Abbe
Levi Culwell
Lillian Nicole White
Mariah Trevino
Melissa Reynosa Victoria
Miranda Peralta
Miranda Stevens
Rex Pantoja
Sarah Silva
Sean Wright
Sofia Reyes
Tyler Ivey
Valeria Mejia
Victoria Stuart
William Truong



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