Turkey Shoot

By Emily Gray & Trinity Brian

On November 20th, James Madison JROTC hosted the annual Turkey Shoot in the air rifle range.
A turkey shoot is a turkey printed on a paper target that you get to shoot from the 10-meter line in competition. Teachers and staff paid 5 dollars to purchase 5 pellets or shots, there will be a prize. This turkey shoot raises money for the JROTC air rifle teams to purchase new equipment such as uniforms, target sheets, rifles, and pellets.
Students in the JROTC air rifle enjoy the activity and their affiliation with the organization. “JROTC teaches good morals and values of citizenship”, said Brandon Scanlon. James Rodriguez agrees, “In JROTC we meet new people for a lifetime, and it brings me out of my comfort zone and builds up my morals.”
Assistant Principal Mrs. Maze had the best score and won a turkey and along with gaining a reputation as a sharp-shooter.
Colonel Koast leads the students and has worked for two years with JROTC because he wanted to “stay somehow affiliated with the army after retiring.” Madison students are grateful that he did.

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