‘Tis the season

By Lylian DeLeon

Christmas is certainly a big deal nowadays, but it wasn’t always so. It started gaining popularity from about 1840 and December 25 was declared a federal holiday in the United States in 1870. Since then Christmas Day has become a steadily more important holiday. Not everyone celebrates this holiday because it is a Christian religious holiday, however, more than 160 countries hold this celebration. Christians use this day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

This is the main Holiday all over the World, but in the early years of Christianity, the main holiday was Easter and not Christmas. Although in the Bible it doesn’t mention the day Jesus was born, Pope Julius choose December 25 as the day Jesus was born.

The Birth of Jesus is celebrated is by people gathering together to exchange gifts. Also, many people attending church the Sunday before Christmas, but some churches have serviced the night before known as a Christmas Eve service. Families and friends get together to not only share gifts but to a lot have food and play games. Tamales, roast ham, potatoes, pies, cookies, and other delicious foods are all popular holiday eats. Christmas foods that people like to gather and eat.

During Christmas time, Elf On The Shelf is a tradition for the younger kids. This is where kids get an elf that visits them from Thanksgiving until Christmas day. The elf comes with a book that mentions everything the kid needs to know about their elf for the time being. These elves can be quite magical, they can do some crazy things too like hide in the Christmas tree and the kids always have fun with every Christmas season.

And what is Christmas, without the tree? This is how everyone knows it’s Christmas time. Putting up a Christmas tree goes back to the 16th century in Germany when Protestant Christian reformer Martin Luther added lighted candles to an evergreen tree. Each year, 33 to 36 million Christmas trees are produced in America, and 50 to 60 million are produced in Europe. It is estimated by the  American Christmas Tree Association, that 82% of trees displayed will be artificial, while just 17.9 percent will be real. Artificial trees are more popular because they are convenient and may be used from year to year.



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