Cafeteria Kudos

Reported by Joleigh Ferguson

Some of the longest working staff members here at Madison have been our cafeteria employees. With around 30 people working in the cafeteria, some of the employees being fluent in other languages, they work together to serve the students here at madison in a smooth manner.

Astounding some of the school’s cafeteria workers have been here for multiple years, including Mrs. Monnie, who has been with the district for 13 years and Madison for 4 years.

One of her co-workers,  Mrs. Amberez, has been here at Madison for 6 years.

While the staff members of the cafeteria have a good devotion to their job, students have personal favorite meals they can’t wait to have from our stunning staff.

Senior Emily Gray states that “I really like their pizza because it’s well cooked.”

Madison Cafeteria personnel provide lunch with a smile.


Junior Jaden Musgrove disagrees and personally sides with the enchiladas.

Freshman Layken Keller has his own opinion, “Definitely the mac and cheese, it’s so good!”, while sophomore Mason Webber takes his own side with the Buffalo chicken sandwich.

We are grateful for our cafeteria staff, often unappreciated, but always loved.


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