Team Trees a growing effort

Reported by Alyssa Garcia

Team Trees is a fundraiser that began in 2019 and became a success all thanks to the internet.

The goal was to plant 20 million trees before 2020, and due to the massive traction and celebrity cooperation, it was a success. The fundraiser began on youtube and was immediately met with massive support. Donations for Team Trees go to the Arbor Day Foundation, which will be planting these trees in January 2020.

Although the goal has been reached, people can still donate to the Arbor Day Foundation. For every dollar donated, one tree will be planted, so any contribution is enough to help. Many celebrities have taken part in donating, the spot for most donated held by Tobi Lutke at 1,000,001 trees.

Even though 20 million trees are to be planted, the charity will likely still be getting donations. All are highly encouraged to support Team Trees in any way they can.

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