Softball Tryouts Soon

Reported by Lylian DeLeon

Softball tryouts are coming up in two weeks on Saturday January 25 at 9 in the morning at the softball field here at Madison. Anyone is welcome to try out as long as they bring a current physical. Just a reminder when Coach Friensenhahn says “9 am” she means be there at 8:30 and be warming up by 8:45.

Softball tryouts are coming soon. Get a glove and let’s go.

When speaking with the coach she stressed that making the playoffs was the goal this year because “we didn’t reach the playoffs last year and I’m always spoiled with that.”

Team chemistry is also important. “We need to come together as a team and work hard every day and be consistent’’, stated Coach Friese.

A former JV Maverick Softball Player, outfielder Alyssa Serrato has some advice for girls who are trying out, “Don’t stress about making varsity or JV because in the end, that’s not what matters; just enjoy it and have fun’’ she says. As for a personal goal, Alyssa hopes to “finally hit my first homer in a game!’’

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