Devastating Destruction Down Under

Reported by Zoe Riddles

On November 11th of 2019, the first bushfire started in Ravensbourne, Australia which burnt through over 20,000 acres. Due to the fires, at least twenty-eight people have been killed and over 3,000 homes have been engulfed.

Recently, Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, announced that over 12 million acres of Australia’s land has been destroyed since the start of the fire season. The damage that the fires have caused has been critical to all residents including the animals. The University of Sydney has estimated that about 480 million animals have perished in Australia’s fires just in New South Wales alone.

Many have also called attention to how the effects of climate change and global warming are contributing to the spread of the fires. Consequently, two dozen Australian citizens in the state of New South Wales have been arrested since early November for intentionally setting the record-large fires that have continued to burn across the country.

After all the causes, the country of Australia has seen some justice recently. 183 people have been charged with deliberately setting the fires. They will most likely be persecuted for their horrible crimes as well as the destruction of Australia’s beloved land.

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