Koalas are Cute

Reported by Zoe Riddles

Koalas are small, lovable, marsupials found in the eucalyptus forests of Australia.

Just like any marsupials, Koalas have pouches located on their stomach. This pouch is used to shelter the koala’s offspring. A baby koala is called a joey, they grow and develop in the pouch for about six months while using the pouch to feed.

Koalas get their name from an aboriginal term meaning “no drink”. It is believed that since koalas get almost all their moisture from the leaves they eat (eucalyptus) that they rarely drink water. Also, this is because koalas spend most of their time in the canopy of trees and almost never come down to the ground where they could be potential prey to bigger animals.

Although these beautiful creatures are protected by law and not classed as an endangered species, their habitat is under immense threat. Sadly, around 80% of koala habitats have been lost to human home construction, drought, and most recently forest fires.


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