Your Mr. Uribe

Reported by Emily Gray


When walking the halls of Madison you may notice nicely dressed men and women, they are assistant principals and those who work right below our principal. Mr.Uribe is a dedicated part of the Madison campus and staff; he has worked here for four years now. He studied at UTEP (University of Texas-El Paso) and did some post-graduate at NMSU to become a social studies teacher. As a student, he enjoyed history class because ” the stories are a recount of what we have been through as a people.”

Mr. Uribe enjoys being a Maverick and looks forward to helping students and teachers.

Mr.Uribe loves his job here at Madison. He chose this job after being a teacher for 10 years because he wanted to work closely with teachers and the administrators to help improve Madison high school and being an AP allowed for this. He said the best part of his job is ” the students because there are a lot of really good ones here and I’m always impressed by their athletic, fine arts and academic achievements. I love seeing them change and grow from freshmen to seniors, it makes my job enjoyable.”

Mr. Uribe’s office is located in the AP center he is always there for any of the students that need him.

When he isn’t working he enjoys wood-working and riding his motorcycle throughout the Texas hill country.


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