Mariachi Making Music

Reported by Julian Spindola

They’re many clubs and organizations on campus and they have positives and negatives. A positive is that it makes it easier to find what you want, and find a class that fits you. The negative part is that there are so many clubs to choose from, that some get shadowed by others. For this reason, you might have not heard of our Madison High School Mariachi club. So let’s learn about what they do.

The Mariachi club was introduced 4 years ago, called “Los Mavericks” by 3 freshmen that have been doing mariachi in Wood MS. Over the years, the program has been steadily growing with usually 8 to 15 members at a given time. The Mariachi has 5 guitars. They use 2 Guitarrones, 2 Vihuelas, and a Guitarra Clasico. They also use instruments like violins and trumpets.

Los Mavericks play at different places around San Antonio. Some examples of the places they have been at are NEISD festivals, HEB Fundraisers, the Downtown San Antonio Riverwalk, and more. If you are interested in the Mariachi and want to learn more, make sure to contact Luis Sosa, a sponsor of the Mariachi program.


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