By. Erin Rabel

AG students try to keep the water balloon from breaking. Photo by M. Witzel

The AG Olympics is the first big event the Agriscience Magnet Program (AMP/AG) hosts at the beginning of the school year. This event consists of 4 games which include messy musical chairs, water-balloon volleyball, tug of war, and cow tongue and chicken feet relay. All of these events took on the AMP campus.

Messy musical chairs is a game very similar to regular musical chairs with a twist. The twist is pretty predictable, you get messy. Eggs are smashed on the chairs, chocolate and strawberry syrup, as well as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise were squirted at the players who were scrambling to find the sacred chair.

The next game is cow tongue and chicken feet relay. The players had to pass a large cow tongue and chicken feet over their heads to the person behind them. Then after the item made it to the back of the formed line the players pass it back. The fastest team wins.

Other events were the Tug of war and water balloon volleyball. After three rounds of tug of war the teams would begin to play in the giant mud pit until they had to move to the next station.

Once all the games were finished a tug of war tournament took place between all of the grade levels. The Juniors beat the seniors, the freshman beat the sophomores, and the freshman beat the Juniors. Once the tournament was over, a mud battle began between everyone. Most people agreed this was the highlight of the Ag Olympics. AG students and the officers were caked with mud by the end of the day. Hoses were on hand for cleaning up. Mud was quickly washed away but the memory of the AG Olympics will linger for a long time.

Mud Tug-O-War was a test of stamina and the will to remain clean. Photo by M. Witzel
Musical chairs gets messy as AG students race for a seat.

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