All in a day’s work

Many students are getting jobs and while earning money, they are also involved in crazy things that can happen while on the job.
Employees know that no two days are the same experience, especially in retail and fast food.
Junior Jocelynn Clemson who works at a fast-food store on Bulverde Rd. says goofy happenings are part of the job. “Oh my gosh, so, the other day I was at work, and my supervisor told me to mop the floor because someone spilled their drink on the floor. So I went to fill up the mop bucket in the back. I forgot I had left the water running so when I went in the back like fifteen minutes later I realized what happened and it turns out I flooded the whole back of the kitchen,” said Jocelynn.

Another junior, Shelby Pharis, also has a crazy work story. “Once, a guy came into Orange Leaf and he got the regular-sized cup but he filled it with yogurt, to the point where it was almost overflowing. Then he moves over to the toppings and put on the most toppings he could fit on top and when it was time for him to pay, he gave me his card, but it was declined and he still had to pay like 2 dollars so he took money out of our tip jar and handed it to me. I looked him dead in the eyes and told him to leave,” Shelby said.

What’s your work story? Do you have one you’d like to share? Come by D12 and tell us about it.


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