Stage Frights

Reported by Shemar McLean

The Mad Mav Theatre Department is one of our premier Fine Art organizations and they are back on the stage performing in front of live audiences. Past productions have been points of conversation and many shows have been cherished by students, parents, and actors alike. This week, the Theatre Company opened their Fall Production of The Transylvanian Clockworks, originally written by Don Nigro. The first show was performed on Wednesday, and many of the audience was left in shock.

The story follows seven characters, headlined by a portrayal of Dracula. The show is as comedic as it is confusing, especially when tossing around oldened lingo and therapeutic mumbo jumbo. The play is targeted towards mature audiences, so beware of all the many “references” to mature relevant activity.

Laurence Gignac and Cade Robbins perform in The Transylvania Clockworks. Photo by Peter Thompson.

We follow a man’s journey through what appears to be a mental crisis of reality, after some faithful encounters with The Count himself. Although that’s what it was set up to appear as; as the drama thickens and far more intricate storyline flourishes, with concepts of betrayal, morality, mortality, and infidelity taking center stage.

I had a chance to take a view backstage during intermission, where the cast was as bright and as blissful as ever. Miranda Stevens, who portrays “Peg” in this play, stated her nerves when viewing members of the audience. “I got so nervous, when I saw some of my friends in the crowd I was like “eughhhhh I’m gonna do so bad’”, Stevens quotes. Other cast and crew were delighted by the appearances of friends, parents, and Theatre Alumni in attendance.

Awesome Victorian actresses Harley Burger, Hannah Allgood, and Miranda Stevens in The Transylvania Clockworks. Photo by Peter Thompson

The show ended with many questions, leaving the audience to ponder and draw up some answers. Answers that you would have to draw up yourself. If vampires, Transylvanian symbolism, tests of faithfulness, and Drunken strolls through the park peak any sort of interest, try to catch the Mad Mav Theatre Department’s Production of The Transylvanian Clockworks. Only one show left!

Saturday    1 p.m. @ PAC


Cast and crew:

Cade Robbins, Laurence Gignac, Arturo Quepons, Hannah Allgood, Daniel Simpson, Harley Burger, Miranda Stevens, Kianna Chavez, Cailey Glazener, CC Parks, Olivia Sereno, Camilia Miranda, Mayan Rodriguez, Erik Santacruz, Samantha Kuper, Nicole Hensley, Lauren Haecker, Jolie Bernard, Ella Kirkpatrick, Kalani Woods, Michelle Gonzalez, and Kamia Chaires Harvego. Production Directors are Mr. Peter Thompson and Mr. Jaime Honeycutt.

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