Leaving the Nest

By Monika Garcia

In a few months, there will be lines full of seniors in their graduation caps and gowns, waiting to leave high school behind. 

Although some seniors may be clueless about what to do after school, some already have it figured out.

“I want to be a firefighter because I find it interesting and I like the subjects that surround it like medicine and survival,” said Roman Ramero, who plans on going to San Antonio

Roman Romero


Some seniors took an interest in all the math courses Madison had to offer because it relates to their field of interest.

Michael Salehi

“I want to go to college to get a degree in accounting since I’m good at numbers,” said Michael Salehi, who plans on going to Texas State in San Marcos.

Other seniors are pursuing degrees and careers that you usually won’t find at a public school. 


Zachary Barnes

“I want to be a nuclear engineer because I think I’d be good at it since I’m good at math and science,” Said Zachary Barnes, who plans on going to a community college first, and then transferring to A&M.


From firefighting, accounting, and nuclear engineering, there are many different careers that students may want to pursue. One student found her career of interest through her Chemistry teacher Ms. High.

Meem Hogue

“I would want to be in the medical field, like medical research,” said Meem Hogue who plans on attending UT Austin. “Mrs. High helped me figure out which subject I wanted to major in and how interesting research is,” said Meem.

Madison has taught these students for four years, preparing them to go out in the world of adults. They are confident and ready.

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