Buffs Beat the Mavs

As Reported by: Monique Camacho

On Friday, August 26, 2022, the Mavericks kicked off their first football game of this season. Despite Madison losing against Clemens, 10-14, Madison has not lost hope for our upcoming district games. 


Madison Maverick Yoryeta Vazquez

“I’m pretty proud of all of our Madison kids,” Frank Castaneda, drum major, commented. “It’s all up to the football team how we do in upcoming games, but you can count on the band doing their best to cheer them on.” said Castaneda, “This game was awesome despite us losing, definitely a game that will live on in my memories as my last first football game,” said Castaneda.


In addition, the dance team sprang and hollered with great zest. “It was hot and crowded, but we still had so much fun dancing for our team,” Yoryeta Vazquez, fillies, mentioned. “Even though we didn’t win, I have a lot of hope we will win districts,” Vazquez said.

The Madison Mavericks are playing against the San Marcos Rattlers tonight. Let’s see who takes the W tonight.

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