Brady Rabel: The Senior Soaring to Sucess

As Reported By: Anahi Avalos

The JMHS Varsity Football Captain, Brady Rabel, is soaring to success as a senior in high school. A hard-working, well-rounded, and overall outstanding individual, Brady is the true embodiment of the “Madison Way.”

Rabel’s adoration for football is deep-rooted and has only developed since his introduction to the sport as a child. His passion for football has pushed him to persevere through life’s challenges; this hard work paid off when Brady was nominated to be an All-District Center by the coaching staff at Madison. His dedication both on and off the field continually impresses his teachers, coaches, and the Madison student body.

Rabel’s football experience has helped him develop communication and leadership skills, making him the perfect candidate for the Captain position. The second he’s out on the field, Brady “sets [his] mind on going out, doing his best, and winning for [his] team.” Brady Rabel’s hardworking nature has been greatly nurtured by his parents, who continually push him to be a hard worker both academically and on the field.

Brady Rabel is also committed to his Boy Scouts Troop and the Agriculture program at Madison. He currently holds the honor of being an Eagle Scout, which allows Rabel the opportunity to volunteer at the Food Bank and Diaper Bank. In Ag, Rabel carefully takes care of his pigs, taking ample time and energy to “give them lots of love” and help them grow.

“Dedicate yourself to whatever you love, or feel passionate about, even if it’s hard”, says Rabel. He encourages everyone to work diligently and wait patiently for success. Brady believes and has experienced firsthand what it means to work hard, persevere, and succeed.


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  1. Patricia Rabel says:

    Hi there – thank you for such a great article on my son. Great job! We also think he’s pretty great.

    Is it possible to fix his name? Last name is misspelled. Should be Rabel.

  2. THE ADVOCATE says:

    We did.

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