22-23 Senior Information

As Reported By: Alaina Soule

Class of 2023, there’s so much information going around it could get confusing. These are some important dates and events you seniors should know for this year:

  • October 27th is an SAT testing day for seniors who did not take the SAT last year
  • http://Madison 2022-23 Scholarship Database This is a link to the list of scholarships offered by Madison and their submission deadlines
  • Throughout October college workshops are being held online  (https://sites.google.com/view/road2success/virtual-csa-sign-up?authuser=0 ) sign up through this link
  • On November 10th there will be the cap and gown presentation in the Gilmore during FLEX time, the deadline to turn your order in is November 15th
  • Senior dues will be $60 and they will begin accepting them in early October or after the class shirt is decided on
  • You may start applying for the FASFA on October 1st but be aware that the site may go down due to the large number of students trying to apply
  • SAT and ACT dates are on slide 33 of this presentation http://JM Senior Parent Info 2022
  • May 28, 2023, is graduation day!  
  • If you have any questions or need help with college applications and/or scholarships go talk to your college and career advisers Ms. Griffith ( http://rgriff3@neisd.net),

    Mr. Oldenkamp (joldenka@trinity.edu), or Ms. Crawford (a-crawf@neisd.net or



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