A Rally to Remember

   The final regular season football game is tonight and the hopes are high for an upset against the Johnson Jags. To get the student body aroused for game time, a spirited pep rally was held in Gilmore featuring plenty of fun. Head Coach Blaine Pederson offered words of encouragement to the crowd to start the rally off.

Coach Pederson kicks off the rally for the final regular season game.

  The event featured the varsity team, spirit clubs, the band, and hundreds of students. Some highlights were a whipped cream pie-eating competition, a race with human Mayflower ships, and something uniquely strange called “Shake your tail feather”. Everyone had a good time. 

  “It was really good and out of the ordinary,” said sophomore cyber student Cedrick Mosty. “The whole thing was hilarious and unexpected.”

Sophomore Cedric Mosty makes the most of the moment.

   Something certainly out of the ordinary was Principal Wernli dressed up as a pilgrim. The pep rally concluded with students joining in to sing the school song while flashing those J’s and M’s.

Hopefully, tonight, our Mavs will see a W.

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