Meet the Clue Crew

Reported by: Harley Burger

Thursday night, the Mad Mav Theatre Co. opened their 2023 season with a star-studded, wildly entertaining production of Sandy Rustin’s Clue. “We are really working on building the theatre program, and it was so rewarding to perform for a full house!” said Mrs. White actress, Miranda Stevens. She continued, “The energy from the audience fueled our performance, and I am absolutely proud of the show we put on.”

Technical Director, Mr. Thompson, described the performance as, “The best show we’ve had”, and the performers were equally jubilant about the show. Actress Olivia Sereno, a Junior at Madison High School, joyously declared, “I am so proud of everyone [and our] energy on stage was amazing!”

The dedicated cast of Clue has been working on the show since late December, staying after school to perfect the plot-twist filled thriller. While the performers worked diligently to memorize their lines and hone in on their physical comedy capabilities, a tenacious team of tech members brought the story to life building a gorgeously elaborate 2-story set. Senior Leamarion Crawford commented, “Creating the Clue set was an intricate process that really tested our skills as theatre technicians.”

The cast’s preparation toward Clue is evident in every scene. Ella Kirkpatrick, who stars as Ms. Scarlet, gushed about her time working on Clue saying, “Getting to spend hours with your closest friends isn’t work at all. There is nothing as refreshing as a group of talents coming together to create art. This has been a truly magical and positive experience.”

This performance is not one to miss. The vibrant cast’s energy is contagious, and the show is stocked full of belly-laugh moments. There are two more showings of Madison’s rendition of Clue, one Friday at 7pm, and a second on Saturday at 2pm. Tickets are available with the link listed below. It’s not too late to see Clue at James Madison High School!

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