Unknown but popular

Social media is a global unifier.  Apps like Instagram encourage communication and connection between people. James Madison High School has experienced its own revival of unification through an anonymously run Instagram account entitled “Nocontextjmhs”. The account publishes photographs without captions or explanations, thus providing a “no context” approach to documenting daily life at James Madison High School. 

The owner of the “Nocontextjmhs” account has requested to remain anonymous but eagerly agreed to an interview regarding the Instagram page. 

The proprietary shared their inspiration for an “out-of-context” Madison High School social media account saying, “I followed an account called “no context NBA”, and I was inspired to create a similar Instagram page for Madison High School.”

The page had a slow start but skyrocketed in popularity when students returned to campus after the Covid-19 epidemic. Commenting on the growth of the page, the anonymous poster said, “The account laid at a standstill of about 400 followers, and I stopped posting in April of 2021 because of the page’s lack of development. However,  September brought forth an influx of new followers, and new content, as students sent pictures from the first day of school.”

There are no particular guidelines for “no context” posts, but the page-runer doesn’t appreciate clearly planned photos, “If [the picture] is obviously staged, it will not be posted. Authenticity is a significant portion of the “no context” brand.”

The account has made great strides in the unification of the student body. Beaming with school spirit, the tech-savvy student declared “We take pride in this school, and I feel like this positively affects the student body’s general perception of Maison High School. Our school is beaming with activity, and I feel blessed to represent this through social media. ”


The owner of the infamous “out-of-context” Madison High School social media account.

Both Seniors, the anonymous account creator, and their helpful co-runner will relinquish the account after graduation. Eager to find a competent successor, the secret influencer plans to ” Perform interviews with possible inheritors…[to continue] the business-like nature of the account.”  

 Concluding the interview, the anonymous unifier gave a bittersweet sentiment regarding the page, “The next “Nocontextjmhs” poster will have full responsibility for the account. I hope the page stays up, even if no new content is posted after I graduate. This account serves as an online time capsule of student life at James Madison High School.” 

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