Setting a New Tempo

Reported by Maya Sosa

     A choir is composed of students and teachers who become a family. A family supports, cares for, provides security, and a sense of belonging; making each person feel important, valued, and respected. However, what happens when one of the vital members of this family leaves?   

         Anyone can relate to at least one of their teachers leaving; unfortunately, this was the case for the choir program. Recently the choir family was faced with a difficult challenge when our former choir teacher left in mid-October. Many students left and many stayed, those who stayed got the chance to welcome our new choir director.

       Despite what others told him, Logan Rivard, a proud Texas Tech graduate, stepped up and took the job as the new choir director. “When I took this job people told me your first year of teaching will be difficult, but if you can get through your first semester you’ll be okay.” Adjusting to a new teacher mid-year was very difficult for all choir students, including sophomore Johnathon Taylor. “It was weird getting a new teacher mid-year, but adjustment kind of kicked in over time; I’m just thrilled Mr.Rivard is here now.” 

       Along with acclimating to a new environment, Mr.Rivard, also faced students still healing from the loss of their former choir teacher a few months prior. To Mr.Rivard, being the new teacher mid-year was not easy. “Having to rebuild that morale and get everyone going again is probably one of the hardest things you can do.”

The Choir performs our national anthem at the start of Meet the Mavs.

    When a fine arts program is hit as hard as the choir was, it’s difficult to get the students back into a schedule. Junior Abigail Villarreal, said it was a very difficult time for everyone. “That middle period of doing nothing hit all of us a lot harder than we thought it would. But when Mr.Rivard came, he already had us working on the second day and that’s what got us going.” 

     Mr.Rivard has changed and upheld the choir to higher standards; students are looking forward to getting new arrangements, and preparing for live concerts. To many students, Mr.Rivard has become more than just a teacher; he has become part of the choir family. The choir has seen massive improvements in the program, and we cannot wait to see what else they have in store for the 2023-2024 school year.


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