The Season of Giving Back; The First Annual Student 2 Student Thanksgiving Food Drive

Reported by James Arellano

Madison’s Student 2 Student program organized a Thanksgiving side dish food drive yesterday. They were giving out appreciation bags with rolls, cans of green beans, cranberries, canned pumpkin, boxes of stuffing, and mashed potatoes, among other classic sides.

Dozens of items donated by various student organizations

Organized by Student 2 Student sponsor Sarah Chandler, the food drive intends to give these appreciation bags full of delicious festive sides to the school’s custodial team, paraprofessionals, and secretarial staff. “My mother was a special Ed teacher and she worked hard every day,  and as an organization, I would like to give back to those who help run the school,”  Ms. Chandler explained.

Students from Student 2 Student and the Interact program came to help prepare the bags to be sent out this Thursday. “We got donations from many different student groups around campus, orchestra, wrestling, PALS, the student council, and many more sent more than enough items for us to send out. Even HEB and Walmart sent us reusable bags,” Mr Chandler said.

Student 2 Student and Interact members helping to pack bagss

Student 2 Student Member Adrianna Garza is delighted to be able to support the school’s staff around the holidays, “I’m happy to be able to help out in some sort of way, to make their lives easier just like they make ours,” Adrianna said.

Student 2 Student member Adrianna Garza, filling bags with one of every item donated

The first Student 2 Student Thanksgiving appreciation bag food drive was a huge success. It will be one of many food drives as Ms. Chandler plans on doing it annually. “Next year, I’m going to work with the admins on the logistics, but I’d like to inform students about the donations by putting up posters and having the information put on the morning announcements,” Ms. Chandler said. Next year, the list of donatable items will be put out for students to look for and consider donating. “We might make some changes depending on the feedback from this year’s bags.”

Thanksgiving is the time to give back and show consideration for others, especially those who work so hard to keep the school running.


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