Drugs and Psychosis; A devastating effect

Editorial by  Kyra Bermudez

It’s no secret that some students partake in drugs. Whether they’re doing it for fun or doing it to fit in, it doesn’t matter. They don’t take it seriously; not thinking it’ll do much harm. But you know what doing drugs can lead to? Addiction and drug misuse. And when you’re doing drugs, you don’t necessarily know or care what it can lead to. The link between substance misuse and psychosis is a topic that not many people think of when starting to indulge in drugs.

Drug use may lead to changes in the brain, affecting how a person thinks and behaves. This is shown through an addict’s constant need for use, leading them to lash out and act insane if they can’t do drugs for a moment. The dependency on drugs leads to problems in the brain, thus introducing psychosis. Psychosis is a mental delusion. It’s paranoia of the mind, making people believe in things that aren’t plausible. It may sound silly, but it’s a serious issue that can cause permanent damage to your brain. Most addicts don’t even realize they have psychosis, leading to it being untreated. Untreated psychosis leads to permanent changes in your brain function and structure.

Not only does psychosis cause brain damage, but it can also cause permanent mental illnesses. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychosis may just be a symptom of a mental illness, such as schizophrenia. Drugs can cause a higher chance of having schizophrenia. According to NHS. UK, “Studies have shown using drugs, particularly cannabis, cocaine, LSD, or amphetamines, can increase the risk of developing schizophrenia.”

“Well, vaping isn’t the same as outright doing drugs, it’s not like I’ll be affected as much… right?” You’d be dead wrong. Vapes contain nicotine, a drug that’s highly addictive. You ask what nicotine can do to you, well studies have shown that it has been linked to many mental illnesses such as depression, and anxiety, and it even affects your memory. All drugs eat your brain just like that. Cartridges aren’t safe either. Containing cannabis can lead to even worse symptoms such as schizophrenia, hallucinations, and even paranoia.

And with your mind comes your body. And the permanent effects don’t stop. Drugs can lead to long-term impacts on your body such as heart failure, liver problems, and cancer. Drugs also cause significant weight loss, taking out the nutrients from your body. According to Gatewayfoundation.org, “The effects of drug misuse and dependency can be far-reaching. They can impact almost every organ in the body.”

All in all, drug use can cause long-term effects on your mind and body. Just having a “good time” with drug use can lead to dependency, and then the dependence leads to health issues. So please, think twice before putting drugs in your body.


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