A Season For The History Books

Reported by Landen Anciso

The 2024 season for Madison’s Softball team has been extraordinary.

After a drought of almost two decades, the Lady Mavs broke the 2002 curse and secured the district championship with an impressive record of 14-1. The team’s exceptional performance is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and talent.

Jeweliana Cartagena stands ready to get on and score. Cartagena was a recent Express-News Athlete of the Week. She is also recognized as a district first-teamer at third base.

The Lady Mavs are comprised of a group of remarkable athletes including Tori Gonsales, Juliana Cartagena, Jaqueline Espinosa, Sarah Zamora, Jade Earl, Brooklynn Gonsalez, Sofia Rodriguez, Haylee Cisneros, Ava Paredes-Salas, Bailee Duarte, Victoria Tucker, and Isabella Linnartz, all of whom have contributed significantly to the team’s success.

The Lady Mavericks fought back with four runs to get the game to extra innings.
The Lady Mavericks fought back with four runs in the final at-bat to force extra innings.

The team’s chemistry and camaraderie are truly admirable, and it’s no wonder that Sophomore Jacqueline Espinosa speaks so highly of it. The end of the season is bittersweet for her, as she will be saying goodbye to some of her senior friends who will be leaving for college. The four seniors – Juliana Cartagena, Sarah Zamora, Jade Earl, and Brooklynn Gonsalez – have been integral to the team’s success, and their contributions will be missed dearly.

Despite the team’s loss against Lake Travis High School, the Lady Mavs have nothing to be ashamed of. They successfully made it past the first round of playoffs for the first time since 2011, and this is a significant accomplishment. The students at Madison should be proud of their softball team for bringing a positive image to their school, and the Lady Mavs deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication. Congratulations to the Lady Mavs on an incredible season!

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