Just Run With It

By Samantha Sanburn Freshmen Yasmyn Richards and James Liburd used their natural-born talent and nurtured it into a first place spots at the regional track meet. This recognition propelled them forward and now they will compete in the State Track Meet to be held May 11-12 in Austin. Richards will be competing in the 100…

Softball Swings Into Playoffs

By Sarah Thibodeaux | Photo By Dreyson Doyle |

On April 20, the varsity softball team goes into their biggest game of the year so far. This game, against Johnson, serves as a tie breaker and determines whether or not the Lady Mavs are seated in second or third place in playoffs.

Powderpuff Rivalry Kicks Up Competition

By Samantha Sanburn | Photo by Dreyson Doyle |

After an embarrassing kickoff that resulted in a fumble for the seniors, the Powderpuff game was off to a running start. The game contained a lot of interesting components that no one could have predicted, such as the trombone section of the Maverick band showing up for some cued theme music.

Summa Reception Proved Fun, Emotional

By Samantha Sanburn | Photo by Shayna Fernico |

At the Summa Reception held March 20, 58 academically excellent students came together to celebrate their accomplishments as well as these educators who impacted and improved their lives.

Art Competition Advances Students to State

By Samantha Sanburn | Photo by Kristen Ruiz |
Seniors Ashley Martin, Sylvia Gutierrez, and Edwin Calderon will all be honored on Feb. 22 for their advancement to a state wide art competition to be held in April.

Americans Say ‘Arrgh!’ to SOPA

By Samantha Sanburn | While banning online piracy is a noble cause, the U.S. government’s interference threatens to censor the World Wide Web and should be avoided at all costs.

Swimming Dives Into Competition

By Victoria Guerrero | Photo by Anysia Gonzales |

Originally published in the Nov. 18 print edition of the Advocate |

According to swim coach Robert Duin, swimming one mile expends more than twice as much energy as running the same distance.

Veterans Honored in Annual Ceremony

By Samantha Sanburn | Photo by Mason Nombrano |

The cold November morning did not stop a commemorative ceremony to honor the veterans last Friday.

CNN To Cover M&M Bowl Pep Rally

Story and Photo By Samantha Sanburn |

This year, the pep rally is receiving national coverage because of the schools’ connections with the organization Gridiron Heroes.