Volume 4

The Bunker Review: Volume 4, Issue 4


Keep your head in the clouds.

Daydreams—the ever so comforting place of hopes and fantasies. Images far out of human conception. Elation greater than we can grasp. Tales of the beyond escaping our minds, finally penned on page. We present to you, Reverie!

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Artwork: Romesa Syed, Luster, Mixed media, 2023



The Bunker Review: Volume 4, Issue 3


Beyond imagination.

The galaxy is a vast and beautiful place, full of glittering stars, complex constellations, and evils unknown to man. In Empyrean, take a tour of this celestial world through small human connections, grand intergalactic journeys, and quiet reflections on our place amid the expanse. Take that leap of faith into the inky darkness of space and let it encompass not only your body, but your soul.

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Artwork: Sabina Ramon, Spotlight. Oil on canvas, 2024



The Bunker Review: Volume 4, Issue 2


Life emerged from the ocean.

From tidal pools to cavernous abysses, the smallest plankton to the largest blue whale, the ocean spans the breadth of life on earth. Subaqueous captures the beauty of life and its aquatic origins. Whether you find bliss in the ocean’s cool depths or dread its hidden terrors, dive into this vast array and immerse yourself in a world full of wonder.

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Artwork: Autumn Howard, The Stairs. Mixed media, 2023



The Bunker Review: Volume 4, Issue 1


Welcome to my cabinet of curiosities.

Walk through cursed tombs, museums, and castles in ruin. Macabre emphasizes the dark and strange; it’s uncanny and frightening, defying what our human minds can grasp. Instinctively, we pursue it, but like a doll that keeps changing places, it will always elude us. 

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Artwork: Julie Bustamante, The Butterfly Effect. Acrylic on canvas, 2023