Scholastic Writing Awards

During December of 2020, creative writers were required to submit into the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is a national competition for artists and writers around the United States to show off their best works and compete for awards. Submissions are first entered into a regional competition where Gold Key recipients move onto Nationals. NESA creative writers were told to submit as many works as they wanted into the Southwest Region At Large Scholastic Writing Awards where writers received a multitude of awards.

Olivia Strain: Honorable Mention

Ashley Kurth: Honorable Mention

Madison Moscrip: Honorable Mention

Kaitlin Arocho: Honorable Mention

Chelsea Brown: Honorable Mention

Catherine Day: Honorable Mention

Amaryllis Martinez: Silver Key

Kaitlynn Andrews: Two Honorable Mentions and a Silver Key

Alex Charney: Two Silver Keys

Joselyn Hofer: Honorable Mention and a Gold Key

Leo Callanen: Gold Key


Congratulations to all these talented writers!

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