Editors Choice- Lore

“I liked this piece because it was fun to write and fun to perform.” – Ava Ditto

What does the Editor’s Choice mean? The Editor’s Choice is chosen based off what the Bunker Review Staff feels like is the piece that stands out the most among all the submissions. This piece is well written, unique, and makes creative use of the theme.

This piece was chosen because of its funny characters and interactions, and its unique use of the Lore theme. The plot is also well crafted with a constantly elevating conflict and humor that’ll have every reader laughing.

Monster Dating Game tells the story of a twisted game show where chaos ensues at every turn. The contestants are all trying to sort out their own problems while the show host tries his best to keep things on track.

Congrats Ditto on Monster Dating Game, great job!

Click here to read.

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