Editors Choice – Common Life

What does the Editor’s Choice mean? The Editor’s Choice is chosen based on what the Bunker Review Staff feels like is the piece that stands out the most among all the submissions. This piece is well written, unique, and makes creative use of the theme.

This piece was chosen because of its creative use of imagery that perfectly describes a hot summer day. This piece also exemplifies the Common Life with its look into the ordinary and making something special out of it.

Brown Dead Grass is a poem about the thoughts of someone observing their surroundings on a dry day.

Congratulations Eleanor Keith on Brown Dead Grass, keep up the good work!


Interview with this issue’s Editors Choice, Eleanor Keith:

Why did you write this piece?

“I was really looking forward to the common life…I like the concept of complaining about ordinary life.”

Why did you choose to write about dead grass?

I’m influenced by what I’ve experienced and where I live, and summers here, and how mundane and humid it is and everything is dead.”

Do you prefer to write poetry or fiction?

“I really like both, but for reading and writing, I prefer poetry more, modern poetry. It’s because it’s shorter, there’s more thought put into it, and it’s easier to get a lot of variety really quickly. I don’t have a lot of experience writing fiction yet.”

What do you want the reader to gain from reading your poem?

“I really want them to be transported to where it is and feel how mundane it is and it is just so hot, it’s based on a summer in San Antonio, not a lot going on, I want them to get the atmosphere the most.”

What are some of your favorite little moments in life?

“I like looking out a window and seeing what’s going on outside or what little things are in a room and why they’re there. We get caught up in the big things sometimes it’s nice to look at what’s right in front of you.”

Eleanor’s quote for the fans

“Stay cool in the summer.”



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