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What does the Editors’ Choice mean? The Editors’ Choice is chosen based on what the Bunker Review Staff feels like is the piece that stands out the most among all the submissions. This piece is well written, unique, and makes creative use of the theme.

This piece was selected because of its beautiful imagery, which can turn the most common occurrences into something to behold, its touching story of two strangers, and its musical nature with strategically used repetition and lyrical descriptions.

Fragile Earth is a fiction piece about someone admiring a stranger for a brief and intimate moment before parting ways.

Congratulations Meredith McCrary on Fragile Earth, your work is amazing!


Interview with this issue’s Editors’ Choice, Meredith McCrary:

What was the inspiration for this piece?

“We had a prompt one day where we had to write something based on a piece of Writing based on a piece of artwork, and I picked one about someone noticing another person as they wait for the Q. I thought it was super interesting because it was so vague, and I wanted to create a relationship between the characters.”

What is your writing process?

“Totally scattered. It varies a lot on the piece, but I usually sit with an idea either in my Notes page or in my head for days or weeks or even months until I find a way to develop it. Other times it’s a complete in-the-moment thing, and for this one, it definitely came in the moment and I incorporated some past ideas into it!”

What is your relationship with music like? 

“Music has been super impactful in my life. I grew up with a very consistent type of music I listened to every so often from my parents, but as I go through different spots in my life, have been able to listen to so many different types. There’s no consistent Spotify Wrapped for me, but music has definitely been a consistent thing that I individually get and that’s really cool to me.”

Do you prefer to write poetry or fiction?

“I think I definitely prefer writing poetry. It was the first medium that I started really developing, and it became this little safe spot for me. I have a lot of memories of putting my phone under my pillow with Button Poetry on like 3 volume (because I thought that the pillow amplified the sound directly into my ear) to fall asleep. It’s just something that makes me really happy.”

What do you look for in a good story?

“A person’s voice, I think. I think I just really enjoy listening to stories, and so being able to pick up on the way each person presents their work, and how they write is super cool and everyone is incredibly talented.”

What do you want the reader to gain from reading your piece?

“I think I really tried to illustrate a stream of thought. My piece was a lot about the quick and brief interactions that strangers have, when they know they will probably never see that person again. What assumptions do we make? What cool things do we think about a person and never tell them? What things do we admire? I just wanted to illustrate that, I think, and if the reader gains just a feeling of “oh yeah, woah, other people are actually living their own lives like I’m living mine”, that would be cool. It’s a weird concept, and I think I tried to portray that the most.”

What are you looking forward to? What are you planning on writing next?

“I am looking forward to reading more epic pieces from epic people. I love everyone in this program so much and it makes me incredibly happy when I get to hear everyone’s pieces. I look forward to more opportunities, but mostly seeing the epic people I know at school. “

If you could speak to the entire world, what would you say?

“I literally have the coolest cats and dogs ever—they are so cute and I am so proud of all of them, and I can show you pictures of them if you want to see, just turn your AirDrop on.”

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Fragile Earth

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