Betwixt: A Gathering of Poets and Writers

Presenting NESA Creative Writing’s latest works:

Betwixt (issue two of our third digital volume), and the show pieces from our recent Gathering of Poets and Writers!

Betwixt means a state between two things, a sort of limbo, if you will. Our writers interpreted this prompt in a variety of ways: some wrote something more whimsical, and others something more realistic.




This year, our staff decided to take a different approach with Editor’s Choice. We believe every one of our writers deserves recognition and, as such, expanded it to choice per genre rather than choice per publication.

POETRY – Me and Your Ether by Isabel Brown.

FICTION – Will I Be Sweet or Bitter? by Don Donohue.

SCRIPT – Doin the Limbo by Jack Dullnig.



Gathering of Poets and Writers was this year’s winter show! We plan to bring this back and, hopefully, grow it into something much bigger. This year, our poetry editor, OLLIE LEWIS, acted as showrunner with the CW program’s director, AMIE CHARNEY.

Livvia Faith acted as stage-manager with the assistance of Brianna Byers, Jay Sutton, and Nicholas Gebbia. Our very own Caitlin Smith worked projections with Bree Rocha on mics.

And we couldn’t have done it without our tech theater director, Miss M, and the help of a few of her students!


As a staff, we’re also proud to announce that not one, not two, but THREE writers wrote pieces featured in both the magazine in the show. This includes Me and Your Ether by Isabel Brown, subaqueous by Victoria Romero, and A Beginning by Eleanor Keith.

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