A crescent moon

By Arami Garcia


a crescent smile sits

upon pale creamy lips

of a coy smirking moon

stars of hope speckle the sky

and I reach up, I really try

In hopes I’ll grasp a star someday soon


do you think any stars were put there for us?

they’re so bright, and proud, and it’s infectious

yet they excel alone, beings of their own creation

while I’m merely in the shadow of the moon,

sitting under his crescent tip that looms

watching out at the stars in my odd fascination


but for now, the moon will swaddle me

protect me from the world, and keep me free

making sure I’m safe from harm

murmuring Good Morning, or Good Night,

I’m not quite sure anymore for I’ve no guide of sunlight

all I know is that I’m held tight in his arms


I think deep down I’d like to be among the stars

stuck in between their infinite black bursting scars

then let the world come use my blood

to paint their fires crimson red

to pull me apart and leave me dead

No, the moon holds me tight and loved


But as things tend to do in the end, the stars all burned out

Too ridden with worries and doubt

Yet they crashed a moment too soon.

They shone so bright,

While I watched through the dark of the night,

If we had all lasted a bit longer, together we could have bloomed


Now all that i can see

is the crescent smile in front of me

Pearlescent white grinning bright

They’re celestial and strong and everything I’m not

But they still love me enough that I’m the one that’s caught

In their loving hold suffocatingly tight


It’s only them and me

And I’ll never be free

Because this is the only place to be

The moon’s the only one who would accept me