Arisen From Ashes

By: Kambria Whittaker

I stare in the mirror and look myself in the eyes. I have seen my mother’s tears and my brother’s clenched fists. I have seen death and heartbreak, disaster and destruction. I’ve witnessed my downfall and watched my world fall apart. But I hold eye contact. I gaze at the once-grey green eyes and smile. 

I have grown.

 There is a light in my eyes that has risen from ashes, and a glow that was ignited by embers. I let my dreams rise from failure and my passions expand from heat. I have fallen to dust, let myself rest, and rose back up again. My heart was made from the remains of my past, but holding onto hope allowed me to become something new. I know I’ll fall again and it will put out the flames I’ve spent years nurturing, but I have taught myself that a spark can burn a forest, a flicker of light can grow. 

I have been reborn.

Art Piece “The Gift” by Mia Van Kirk